Is Grey Goose Vodka Gluten-Free?

Grey Goose Vodka is a best-selling, well-received spirit crafted from the very heart of France. According to their website, they use a distillation process that successfully crafts gluten-free vodkas. Grey Goose Vodka is specifically marketed towards Americans despite being manufactured in France


Where does Grey Goose Vodka come from?

Grey Goose Vodka is distilled and bottled in France. All their ingredients are also sourced from nearby areas.


How is Grey Goose Vodka made?

Grey Goose Vodka is made from soft, gluten-free winter wheat. This wheat is inspected for starch content and then milled into a fine wheat flour. After that, the starch of the flour is converted into glucose through the process of “saccharification.” This glucose will aid in the process of fermentation, which follows shortly after. After fermentation, the alcohol is distilled and blended with water and flavorings.


How is Grey Goose Vodka rated?

On the website, Grey Goose Vodka is rated an average of 7.9 out of 10 stars based on 499 votes.


What are the ingredients in Grey Goose Vodka?

Grey Goose Vodka is made with soft, gluten-free winter wheat from in and around Picardy and Gensac spring water from the Cognac Region; Gensac-La-Pallue, France.


Is Grey Goose Vodka organic?

Grey Goose Vodka is certified organic. Their spirits are distilled in small batches from organic soft winter wheat.


How many calories are in Grey Goose Vodka?

According to their website, Grey Goose vodka contains 66 calories per 30ml serving.


How many carbs are in Grey Goose Vodka?

According to their website, Grey Goose Vodka and other flavored vodkas all contain zero carbohydrates.


Is Grey Goose Vodka vegan friendly?

According to the website Barnivore, Grey Goose Vodka is certified vegan friendly. Grey Goose Vodka does not use any animal byproducts or ingredients.

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