Is Gordon’s Vodka Gluten-Free?

Gordon’s Vodka may or may not be gluten free. This Vodka is owned by The Diageo. It is manufactured in the Diageo facility in Connecticut. Gordon’s Vodka may or may not be made from gluten-free ingredients as the company claims that it is made from “100% neutral grain spirits.” This means that it may be a mix of wheat, potatoes, or other raw material of the like.

Theoretically speaking, all vodka goes through a distillation process that removes any gluten.  When flavoring is added afterward there may then be gluten reintroduced.  From our estimation, Gordon’s Vodka would most likely be gluten free!


Where does Gordon’s Vodka come from?

Gordon’s Vodka comes from the United Kingdom. Its top markets are the United Kingdom, the United States, and Greece.


How is Gordon’s Vodka made?

Vodka is made though the fermentation of selected grains. Gordon’s Vodka does not specify the grain that they use, although it could be wheat or potatoes as it states that it is “made from 100% neutral grains.” After the sugars in the grain are converted into alcohol, the distillation process begins where the spirits are distilled for a certain number of times. The spirits are then mixed with water and bottled off.


How is Gordon’s Vodka rated?

Gordon’s Vodka is rated 3.4 out of 5 stars overall in the website


What are the ingredients in Gordon’s Vodka?

Gordon’s Vodka does not specify the grains that they are using in their vodkas. They do claim to use only the finest grains and purest water to craft their vodkas.


Is Gordon’s Vodka organic?

Gordon’s Vodka is not certified organic. Their company does, however, boast that their products contain no additives.



How many calories are in Gordon’s Vodka?

There are 52 calories in a shot (52ml) of Gordon’s Vodka.



How many carbs are in Gordon’s Vodka?

There are zero carbs in a shot of Gordon’s Vodka.



Is Gordon’s Vodka vegan friendly?

According to Gordon’s Vodka, they do not use any animal products. However, they also state that their products are not certified vegan despite their facilities not using any animal products.

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