Is Georgian Bay Vodka Gluten-Free?

Georgian Bay Vodka is a multi-awardee spirit defined by notes of cereal, spice, and vanilla. Unfortunately, the company themselves have stated that they are not certified gluten free. Even though Georgian Bay Vodka boasts their unique blend of malted barley vodka and corn-based vodka, (which should be naturally gluten free) there may still be traces of gluten in this spirit and it is not safe to consume for people who are allergic to gluten.


Where does Georgian Bay Vodka come from?

Georgian Bay Vodka is crafted in Ontario, Canada. It is crafted alongside with other spirits such as gin and whiskey.


How is Georgian Bay Vodka made?

Vodka is made through the fermentation and distillation of grain or sometimes, fruit. Grain is first harvested, then turned into a mash or a mix. This mash is mixed with yeast in order to turn the sugars in it into alcohol. After this, distillation begins where the products are distilled for a certain number of times. After being distilled, unflavored vodka is simply mixed with water and bottled to be distributed into different places.


How is Georgian Bay Vodka rated?

Georgian Bay Vodka is rated an overall of 4 stars at Other websites have similar ratings, often with 4 to 5 star ratings.


What are the ingredients in Georgian Bay Vodka?

Georgian Bay Vodka uses corn and barley in their vodkas. They use a unique blend of malted barley vodka and corn-based vodka.


Is Georgian Bay Vodka organic?

Georgian Bay Vodka is not certified to be organic.


How many calories are in Georgian Bay Vodka?

There are 201 calories in a 355 mL serving of Georgian Bay Vodka.


How many carbs are in Georgian Bay Vodka?

Georgian Bay Vodka contains 16.5 g of carbs in a 355 mL serving.


Is Georgian Bay Vodka vegan friendly?

Georgian Bay Vodka is certified vegan friendly.

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