Is Froggy B Vodka Gluten-Free?

Froggy B Vodka is a unique artisanal vodka from the heart of France that features a distinguishable frog-headed man wearing a black suit on its bottle packaging. Froggy B Vodka is in fact gluten-free! This is because the spirits undergo a distillation process that makes the finished product free of any gluten.


Where does Froggy B Vodka come from?

Froggy B vodka originates from France. It is manufactured in the same place.


How is Froggy B Vodka made?

Froggy B Vodka is distilled six times from French winter wheat. Before bottling, the spirits are blended with pure spring water and organic sugar.


How is Froggy B Vodka rated?

Froggy B Vodka garners very high ratings across different websites. In the website Total Wine, it is rated an overall 4.7 out of 5 stars from 364 users. In Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Froggy B Vodka is given a 94% by Kara Newman. Most reviewers remark that this vodka is smooth and great for mixing as a cocktail.


What are the ingredients in Froggy B Vodka?

Froggy B Vodka is made from French winter wheat. The wheat is harvested in July as this is the month of its peak maturity. The spirits, after being distilled from the winter wheat, are mixed with pure spring water and organic sugar before bottling.


Is Froggy B Vodka organic?

Yes, Froggy B Vodka is 100% organic. It is made from organic French winter wheat and bottled with organic sugar. It is also certified organic by ECOCERT.


How many calories are in Froggy B Vodka?

Froggy B Vodka contains 97 calories.


How many carbs are in Froggy B Vodka?

Froggy B Vodka does not contain carbs.


Is Froggy B Vodka vegan friendly?

Froggy B Vodka is not certified to be vegan friendly by any trusted critics. It is, however, confirmed to be 100% organic.

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