Is Fris Vodka Gluten-Free?

FRÏS Vodka, or more commonly referred to as Fris Vodka, is a uniquely freeze-filtered liquor manufactured in Northern Denmark that is best served chilled. FRÏS Vodka’s name is of Danish origin, meaning “frost and ice,” reflecting the way it is crafted and how it is best consumed. FRÏS Vodka is made from all-natural whole grain.

Theoretically, all vodkas that go through distillation are naturally gluten-free. However, some may be tricky like this one. FRÏS Vodka does not exactly state that their vodkas are gluten-free, so it is advised that you consume it with caution.


Where does Fris Vodka come from?

Fris Vodka comes from Northern Denmark, a Scandanavian country located in Europe. The ingredients used in FRÏS Vodka are also sourced from the same country.


How is Fris Vodka made?

According to their website, FRÏS Vodka is four times distilled and filtered through a Freeze Filtered Process that they claim is unique to their vodkas. After the distillation process, the distilled spirit is then blended with purified water.


How is Fris Vodka rated?

FRÏS Vodka is rated a 3.9 out of 5 stars from the website Total Wine.


What are the ingredients in Fris Vodka?

FRÏS Vodka uses purified water sourced from the deep wells of Demark and all-natural whole grain.


Is Fris Vodka organic?

FRÏS Vodka is not confirmed to be organic. FRÏS Vodka themselves does not reveal in their website if their vodkas are organic.


How many calories are in Fris Vodka?

According to their nutrition facts, Per 1.5 fluid ounce, FRÏS Vodka contains 100 calories.


How many carbs are in Fris Vodka?

According to their nutrition facts, FRÏS Vodka does not contain any carbs.


Is Fris Vodka vegan friendly?

According to the website Barnivore, they have confirmed that FRÏS Vodka is vegan friendly.

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