Is Fleischmann’s Vodka Gluten-Free?

Fleischmann’s Vodka is an 80-proof vodka owned by the Sazerac Company founded in 1868. It is, in fact, gluten-free! Fleischmann’s Vodka is made entirely out of corn, making it naturally gluten free.


Where does Fleischmann’s Vodka come from?

Fleischmann’s Vodka was first built and located in Riverside, Ohio, in the year 1870. It was crafted alongside the brand’s gin. Now, they are located in Kentucky, USA.


How is Fleischmann’s Vodka made?

Vodka is made through the fermentation of a chosen grain. Fleischmann’s Vodka is made from corn. After this fermentation process, the spirits are distilled for a certain number of times, depending on the company or manufacturer. Others have additional steps to this process such as filtration for a smoother spirit, but this is the most common one used in crafting vodkas all over the world.


How is Fleischmann’s Vodka rated?

There are a plenty of mixed reviews in Fleischmann’s Vodka. is rated 4 out of 5 stars in the website Drizly. Most reviews comment that this vodka is cheap and good enough for its price. However, in other websites, reviews for this vodka can get as low as 1.2 stars, with comments saying that it tastes too much like gasoline and is overall unpleasant.


What are the ingredients in Fleischmann’s Vodka?

Fleischmann’s Vodka is made from grain. More specifically, their vodkas are made from corn.


Is Fleischmann’s Vodka organic?

There is no available information on how Fleischmann Vodka grows their grain or corn.


How many calories are in Fleischmann’s Vodka?

In every 1 fl oz of Fleischmann’s Vodka, there are 64 calories consumed.


How many carbs are in Fleischmann’s Vodka?

Fleischmann’s Vodka does not contain any carbs.


Is Fleischmann’s Vodka vegan friendly?

According to Barnivore, Fleischmann’s Vodka is confirmed to be not vegan friendly.

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