Is Figenza Vodka Gluten-Free?

Figenza Vodka is a fruity flavored spirit from the Mediterranean. They are proud to be what they claim as an “ultra-premium, gluten-free flavored vodka.” Figenza Vodka’s name is inspired from its main ingredient: figs.


Where does Figenza Vodka come from?

Figenza Vodka comes from Europe. The figs used to make Figenza Vodka come from Greece and Turkey.


How is Figenza Vodka made?

Figenza Vodka is made from Mediterranean Figs that are hand-picked from Greece and Turkey. Vodka, in general, requires a base for fermenting. These can be grains such as wheat, barley, or corn, or fruits such as berries and in the case of Figenza Vodka, figs. These main ingredients are fermented to extract alcohol content.

After fermentation, these spirits are distilled for a certain number of times. Figenza Vodka chooses to distill their spirits 6 times “to create one of the world’s most sophisticated and innovative vodkas.” These distilled spirits are then mixed with water or other flavors and bottled to be distributed and sold.


How is Figenza Vodka rated?

Figenza Vodka is highly rated. From, Figenza Vodka is rated a 4.8 out of 5 stars. From, it is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 26 people. And from, Figenza Vodka is rated 94% out of 100%.


What are the ingredients in Figenza Vodka?

From its name, Figenza Vodka uses Mediterranean Figs that are hand-picked from Greece and Turkey.


Is Figenza Vodka organic?

Figenza Vodka is not certified organic.


How many calories are in Figenza Vodka?

There are 80 calories per serving of Figenza Vodka.


How many carbs are in Figenza Vodka?

Figenza Vodka is very high on carbs, having 112g net carbs per 240ml serving.


Is Figenza Vodka vegan friendly?

Figenza Vodka is not certified to be vegan friendly.

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