Is Eristoff Vodka Gluten-Free?

Eristoff Vodka is a vodka product line manufactured by Bacardi. They are over 200 years in the making, beginning from 1806. They originated from the Eristoff family, who had curated the recipe for the premium vodka we now know today. Eristoff Vodka is also gluten-free, despite being made from grains as the gluten is eliminated in the distillation process.


Where does Eristoff Vodka come from?

Eristoff Vodka originates from Georgia. They were created by the Eristoff Family and kept as their secret vodka recipe. They have also adapted the image of the wolf as their trademark, whose story you may find of the Eristoff website.

How is Eristoff Vodka made?

From 100% pure grain, Eristoff Vodka undergoes a three-time distillation and charcoal filtration. This information can be found on the Eristoff website, although there is no additional information provided on how they create their vodkas.


How is Eristoff Vodka rated?

Eristoff Vodka is rated 3.5 stars from the website Difford’s Guide. Other reviews from other websites comment that Eristoff Vodka is not as smooth as the company advertises it to be, and appears to be a knockoff of another vodka brand.


What are the ingredients in Eristoff Vodka?

Eristoff Vodka is made from 100% pure grain. The flavored variants of Eristoff Vodka contain sugars and fruit.


Is Eristoff Vodka organic?

Eristoff Vodka does not share whether they are organic or not. There is also no reliable information available online.


How many calories are in Eristoff Vodka?

Calorie count differs per flavor of Eristoff Vodka. However, Eristoff Premium Vodka has zero calories.


How many carbs are in Eristoff Vodka?

Carb count also differs per flavor of Eristoff Vodka. The Eristoff Premium Vodka has no carbs.


Is Eristoff Vodka vegan friendly?

Eristoff Vodka is confirmed to be vegan friendly. There are no animal byproducts used in their Vodka.

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