Is Enchanted Rock Vodka Gluten-Free?

Enchanted Rock Vodka is an alcoholic beverage of Rebecca Creek Distillery based in Texas, USA. It is available in 5 different flavors including the original Enchanted Rock Vodka with cocktail mix recommendations available in their official website. Enchanted Rock Vodka is made from corn, so it is naturally gluten free.


Where does Enchanted Rock Vodka come from?

Enchanted Rock Vodka comes from Texas, USA. The ingredients are sourced from the same said area.


How is Enchanted Rock Vodka made?

According to the Enchanted Rock website, their vodka is “produced in small, hand-crafted batches using a German copper distillation system.” their vodkas also undergo “the functional equivalent of 10 distillations to produce a clean, neutral base while retaining the sweetness that comes from the use of premium midwestern corn.”


How is Enchanted Rock Vodka rated?

Enchanted Vodka is rated a 4.6 out of 5 stars in the website Total Wine. Other websites also have high ratings for this vodka, on an average of 4.5 stars.


What are the ingredients in Enchanted Rock Vodka?

According to Enchanted Rock Vodka, they use premium midwestern corn. Enchanted Rock Vodka also states at the bottom of their bottles, that their spirits are made with pure limestone-filtered water. Flavored variations have fruit and sugar in their ingredient list.


Is Enchanted Rock Vodka organic?

Enchanted Rock vodka does not disclose whether or not their products are organic. There are no statements in their website of external links.


How many calories are in Enchanted Rock Vodka?

There are 100kcal in one serving of Enchanted Rock Vodka.


How many carbs are in Enchanted Rock Vodka?

There are no carbs in Enchanted Rock Vodka.


Is Enchanted Rock Vodka vegan friendly?

Enchanted Rock does not disclose if their products are vegan friendly. Neither on their website nor external links.

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