Is Elit Vodka Gluten-Free?

Elit Vodka is one of the world’s highest-rated white spirits created in 2003. Elit Vodka is a vodka line that takes pride in having single-source grain and what they claim as cutting-edge technology in crafting their vodkas. Fortunately, due to the distillation process and no further additives, Elit Vodka is indeed gluten-free!


Where does Elit Vodka come from?

Elit Vodka originates from Russia.


How is Elit Vodka made?

Elit Vodka uses grains that are sourced from their specifically chosen fertile lands. Before being accepted into the Elit Vodka Distillery, each harvest of grain is carefully inspected. These grains are then slowly fermented before being distilled three times. Elit Vodka claims that this process creates “a spirit so pure that no traces of methanol can be found.”

After being distilled, the spirits travel to a facility called “Latvijas Balzams” located in Riga, Latvia. In this facility, the spirits are mixed with what Elit Vodka claims to be artisan well water. The spirits also undergo a purification process with extra-fine quartz sand and birch wood charcoal in order to remove impurities and optimize the spirits’ texture.

From here, Elit Vodka then uses a technology that they claim is unique to them. Elit Vodka uses their signature freeze-filtration process at -18°C, where the spirits then pass through an “ultra-slow velocity through ion-charged filters.”


How is Elit Vodka rated?

Elit Vodka is rated an 8.4/10 at the website Flaviar, based on 99 votes.


What are the ingredients in Elit Vodka?

Elit Vodka uses grains that are sourced from their specifically chosen fertile lands, as mentioned before. Elit Vodka claims to use artisan well water in their vodkas.


Is Elit Vodka organic?

There is no direct and reliable information to confirm if Elit Vodka is organic, or if their grains are organically grown.


How many calories are in Elit Vodka?

There are 69 calories in 1 oz of Elit Vodka.


How many carbs are in Elit Vodka?

Elit Vodka contains zero carbohydrates.


Is Elit Vodka vegan friendly?

Elit Vodka is vegan friendly

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