Is Dutchcraft Vodka Gluten-Free?

Dutchcraft Vodka is a multi-awardee spirit imported from Holland, Netherlands. Despite being world-class, Dutchcraft Vodka has a simple and unassuming exterior that can be categorized into a classic retro style liquor. The gluten gets removed throughout the distillation process making Dutchcraft Vodka indeed gluten-free!


Where does Dutchcraft Vodka come from?

As seen in its name, Dutchcraft Vodka is imported from Holland, Netherlands.


How is Dutchcraft Vodka made?

Dutchcraft Vodka is filtered 5 times. Their distillery has an electric fired pot still with a maximum capacity of 150 litre per batch. According to the website, this pot still also has a custom designed copper helmet that ensures optimal flavor transfer to the distillate. A Vodka still of polish origin is also located in their distillery.

According to Dutchcraft Vodka, “In each pot still distillation 25% to 75% of the distillate contains unwanted components and therefore ends up as waste. Luckily the reflux column of the vodka still is able to separate the good from the bad, and as such helps us recover a large percentage of the waste alcohol.”


How is Dutchcraft Vodka rated?

Dutchcraft Vodka is rated an overall 4 out of 5 stars across multiple websites. Reviewers describe Dutchcraft Vodka as a smooth and affordable vodka that can be a substitute for other more expensive vodkas.


What are the ingredients in Dutchcraft Vodka?

The ingredients in Dutchcraft Vodka are hand selected wheat. Their full list of ingredients are listed on the back of their bottles.


Is Dutchcraft Vodka organic?

Dutchcraft Vodka is non-organic.


How many calories are in Dutchcraft Vodka?

In one shot of Dutchcraft Vodka, there are about 98 calories.


How many carbs are in Dutchcraft Vodka?

Dutchcraft Vodka does not contain any carbs.


Is Dutchcraft Vodka vegan friendly?

Dutchcraft Vodka is not confirmed to be vegan friendly.

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