Is Dry Fly Vodka Gluten-Free?

Dry Fly Vodka, a more than a decade old liquor inspired from two friends’ mutual love for hand-crafted spirits, is absolutely gluten free!


Where does Dry Fly Vodka come from?

Dry Fly Vodka is manufactured in Spokane, Washington. In their website, Dry Fly Vodka proudly shares their story, where it is mentioned that they source their grains from family-owned farms not more than 30 miles away. They claim that it is a key detail to their entire process.


How is Dry Fly Vodka made?

In their website, Dry Fly Vodka states that they embrace a farm-to-bottle approach with all of their products. Vodka, in general, is made by the distillation of starch-enriched produce such as corn, potatoes, grains, or fruits. Dry Fly Vodka follows this distillation process in creating their proudly-handcrafted spirits, with full equipment all from Germany.


How is Dry Fly Vodka rated?

Dry Fly Vodka is rated 4 out of 5 stars by Robert Brodrecht in the website Vodkabuzz.


What are the ingredients in Dry Fly Vodka?

According to their website, Dry Fly Vodka’s grain is sourced from family farms located within 30 miles of their distillery. Their flavored Huckleberry Vodka is made with wild-grown berries.


Is Dry Fly Vodka organic?

Dry Fly Vodka is organic, their wheat is grown from family farms and their berries are wild-grown.


How many calories are in Dry Fly Vodka?

Dry Fly Vodka contains zero calories.


How many carbs are in Dry Fly Vodka?

Dry Fly Vodka contains zero carbs.


Is Dry Fly Vodka vegan friendly?

Dry Fly Vodka is vegan friendly.

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