Is Dragon Sauce Spicy?

Traditionally, dragon sauce was not a spicy, or hot sauce.  An Asian-inspired condiment that originated as tangy and sweet in flavor, began to grow in popularity and over time people have produced many spicy renditions.  If you’re making the sauce yourself then obviously you can dictate the level of spice and may choose to include various chilis or hot and spicy peppers (i.e. jalapenos or habanero peppers) but the sauce isn’t inherently spicy.

What is Dragon Sauce made of?

Dragon Sauce ingredients include olive or sesame seed oil, nutritional yeast flakes, crushed garlic, water, tamari, honey or maple syrup and sometimes potentially ginger or other herbs and spices.  You may opt to include various other ingredients such as chicken broth, apple cider vinegar and even tomato paste.  To create a spicy dragon sauce, you may include ingredients that give it a spicy edge such as jalapeno pepper puree, habanero pepper powder or some other spicy element!


Is Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce Spicy?

As the name would imply, Trader Joe’s dragon sauce packs a spicy punch and offers enough of a flavor kick to make it a perfect addition on plenty of food options.  The jalapeno and habanero peppers in the sauce give it the spice and people that love the sauce will typically put it on vegetables, eggs, burgers, salads, etc.  The list is endless!


What is in Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce?

The main ingredient in Trader Joe’s dragon sauce is water, followed by jalapeno peppers, tomatillo puree, white distilled vinegar, cane sugar, cilantro puree, salt, garlic puree, granulated garlic, spinach powder, xanthan gum, lime juice concentrate and habanero pepper powder.


Is Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce Vegan?

Yes, the green dragon hot sauce from Trader Joe’s is vegan friendly!


Enjoy your dragon sauce!


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