Is Divas Vodka Gluten-Free?

Divas Vodka is a delightfully flavored and fabulously fun liquor from Australia equally packaged in fun-colored bottles. According to the Divas Beverages website, their vodkas are made from grapes, unlike most vodkas that are made out of corn or wheat. Grapes are naturally gluten free, so they are an excellent choice for people wanting to have a gluten free diet.


Where does Divas Vodka come from?

Although easy to confuse with other brands from other countries, Divas Vodka is manufactured in Australia. The grapes used in their products also come from Australia. More specifically, the kind of grapes they use are Australian wine grapes.


How is Divas Vodka made?

The process of making vodka begins with fermenting grains. Grains may vary between different vodka crafters. Some may use wheat, corn, or fruits like berries. Divas Vodka shares their “not-so-secret” ingredient, grapes! The alcohol is then extracted from the fermented material and put through a distillation process. The number of times the liquor is distilled depends on the manufacturer, but Divas Vodka does not really disclose on their website the number of times they distill.


How is Divas Vodka rated?

Divas Vodka is rated 4 points out of 5, by Drinks&Co.


What are the ingredients in Divas Vodka?

Divas Vodka proudly shares their main ingredient—grapes! All of their vodkas are made from Australian wine grapes.


Is Divas Vodka organic?

Divas Vodka does not disclose whether their products are organic. So your best bet may be no, Divas Vodka is non-organic.


How many calories are in Divas Vodka?

There are 40 calories in Divas Vodka.


How many carbs are in Divas Vodka?

There are zero carbs in Divas Vodka.


Is Divas Vodka vegan friendly?

Divas Vodka has confirmed that all of their products are vegan friendly.

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