Is Cathead Vodka Gluten Free?

Yes, Cathead vodka is gluten free! Whether you’re doubting whether it is or not, the distillers claim and confirm that it is gluten free, so there’s nothing to be worried about!

Where does Cathead vodka come from?

Cathead vodka was founded in 2010 by friends and blues fans, Austin Evans and Richard Patrick They founded the first legal distillery in the state of Mississippi.

How is Cathead vodka made?

The cathead vodka is made by hand in small batches with natural ingredients. It is then distilled 6 times and filtered to ensure purity and clarity.

How is Cathead vodka rated?

According to, the Cathead vodka is given a 90 out of 100 review, with the quote “Clear color. Fresh aromas and flavors of lemon peels, hints of mint, wet stone, and orange with a satiny, crisp, dry medium body and a tingling, medium-length finish evoking elements of white corn, fresh bread, and cream. A rock solid, fresh and clean Vodka for sipping, mixing and beyond; certainly a great option for Martinis.”

What are the ingredients in Cathead vodka?

Cathead vodka is made with real corn, real natural flavors, and sparkling water!

Is Cathead vodka organic?

Yes! Cathead Vodka is organic. Though the corn may contain some GMOs, it is one thing to note when you’re looking for vodkas that are GMO-free.

How many calories are in Cathead vodka?

The Cathead vodka contains 100 calories with 80 proof (40% ABV/Alcohol by volume).

How many carbs are in Cathead vodka?

It is important to limit your net carb consumption to 20-30g per day to maintain ketosis. Luckily, Cathead vodka contains zero carbs, so it won’t consume any space on your net carb allowance for the day.

Is Cathead vodka vegan friendly?

Yep, Cathead vodka is vegan friendly. It is said so because it contains no meat or animal products whatsoever in the procedure.

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