Is Cacciatore Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Cacciatore translates to “hunter” in Italian, and Cacciatore sauce means “hunter-style sauce.” Cacciatore sauce is an Italian sauce known for its special appearance in Chicken Cacciatore—a hunter-style chicken recipe. These hearty and rich sauces are made by hunters in winter or cold seasons all the time! All around and versatile, it’s great for any other season too, and you can make one yourself!

Is Cacciatore sauce spicy?

Cacciatore is traditionally not spicy. Though a few spices like paprika or cayenne powder can always be added if you crave spice in this delicious sauce.


What is Cacciatore sauce used for?

Cacciatore sauce can be served with pitted olives or served with a delicious Italian-style meal! This sauce is also best served with pasta, bread, or a polenta.

What is Cacciatore sauce made of?

Full Red Cacciatore sauce is made of vine-riped tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, basil leaves, salt, and naturally derivative secret acid.

How is Cacciatore sauce made?

In making a homemade Cacciatore sauce, you can use sliced mushrooms, onion, yellow and red bell pepper, carrots, garlic, chicken broth, crushed tomatoes, fresh spinach, olive oil, salt and pepper, basil, and oregano.

Pour olive oil over a deep skillet and saute the vegetables, salt and pepper for 5 minutes. Add the chicken broth, spinach, and crushed tomatoes and stir. Put a tablespoon of salt, pepper, and chopped basil and oregano. Simmer over low heat for a few hours or until the meat is tender. Transfer over to a container and serve!

How many calories are in Cacciatore sauce?

There are 80 calories per serving (125 g) of the Full Red Cacciatore sauce.

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