Is Burgerfi Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

BurgerFi’s garlic aioli sauce is the best sauce you could ever have. Perfect not only for burgers but for any fried dishes as well! And the flavor is immersive, it’ll leave you wanting more! And the fact that this sauce is easy as 1 2 3, it’s so delicious, you can’t disagree!

Is Burgerfi sauce spicy?

BurgerFi garlic aioli sauce contains little to no spice, you can always add spices like cayenne pepper to your recipe, and let it do the charm! But if you prefer to keep it as it is, you can always follow the normal ingredients.


Where do you use Burgerfi sauce?

Aioli is an all-around sauce that is paired and suited well with almost anything from a spread for burgers to a partner for grilled seafood and meat! It also works well with fries and crab cakes.

How do you make Burgerfi sauce?

As mentioned, BurgerFi Garlic Aioli sauce is easy as 1 2 3, the procedure is also very easy! All you have to do is to crush the garlic with the salt and pepper using a mortar and pestle, and thoroughly mix the other ingredients into a bowl until it appears creamy. Afterward, transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 7-10 days, or serve with your favorite foods.

What is Burgerfi sauce made of?

BurgerFi garlic aioli sauce is made of easy to find ingredients—lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise. For spice, just add cayenne pepper powder. This will make your sauce pinkish or a little orangey.

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