Is Boru Vodka Gluten Free?

Yes, Boru vodka is gluten free! All vodkas are gluten free. Even if it is made from wheat, grain, barley, rye, or any other ingredients containing gluten, it is dissolved during the distillation process.

Where does Boru vodka come from?

Boru vodka is just one of the few premium vodkas from Ireland, inspired by our namesake, Ireland’s legendary High King, Brian Boru.

How is Boru vodka made?

Boru vodka is made in Ireland from the finest local grain and pristine Irish spring water. It is distilled five times, producing an unusual clarity and exceptional smoothness of the Boru vodka. The five-time distillation process guarantees a smooth and excellent quality.

How is Boru vodka rated?

According to, it’s rated 3 out of 5 stars with a quote saying, “It feels like the taste equivalent of beating a nail into wood with a large, knotty club. It’s fun and makes me feel manly, but it lacks the refinement of more streamlined implements (like a hammer or a nail gun). Boru Vodka is worth trying, but you won’t miss anything if you don’t.”

What are the ingredients in Boru vodka?

Boru vodka is made using local ingredients; local grain and pristine Irish spring water.

Is Boru vodka organic?

Yes, Boru vodka is organic. Since it is made from local Irish grain, it is safe to conclude that Boru is an organic vodka due to the ingredients used.

How many calories are in Boru vodka?

Boru vodka contains 97 calories, with 40% ABV or 80 in proof.

How many carbs are in Boru vodka?

Boru vodka contains 0 carbs.

Is Boru vodka vegan friendly?

Yep! Boru Vodka is vegan friendly. It does not contain any meal products whatsoever, so it’s a good recommendation for vegans.

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