Is Bob Evans Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Bob Evans Wildfire sauce or Wildfire Bob Evans Wildfire sauce is a sauce used in Bob Evan’s barbecue recipes. Bob Evans is an American chain of restaurants that is owned by the Golden Gate Capital and is where Bob Evan’s wildfire sauce originates.

Is Bob Evans sauce spicy?

Bob Evans Wildfire barbecue sauce is a spicy barbecue sauce with hints of onion, garlic, apple, and brown sugar. It is made spicy using hot sauce and tabasco sauce.


What is Bob Evans sauce made of?

Traditional Bob Evans Wildfire sauce is made using tomato puree, brown sugar, honey, apple concentrate, corn starch, vinegar, salt, onions and garlic, paprika, liquid smoke, and spices like paprika and hot sauce.

Though if you want to make homemade Bob Evans Wildfire sauce, use real bacon pieces (sliced), dried onion, hot sauce, Kraft BBQ sauce, liquid smoke, tabasco sauce, paprika, honey, salt, and brown or granulated sugar.

How is Bob Evans sauce made?

Homemade Bob Evans Wildfire sauce is easy as a piece of cake. Use real sliced bacon pieces, dried onions, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, tabasco sauce, paprika, brown sugar, salt, vinegar, and honey. Simply mix all ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir until the sauce is thick and reddish like ketchup, and serve with a salad, barbecue, grilled meat, or anything to your liking.

How many calories are in Bob Evans sauce?

There is 62 kcal per serving of the Bob Evans Wildfire sauce.

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