Is Black Bean Burger Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Black bean burger sauce is a mayonnaise-based sauce delicately made to perfection to match perfectly with a black bean burger. Made sense? Black bean burger sauce is a flavorful kick for a mouth-watering burger, it’s definitely a must-try.

Is Black bean burger sauce spicy?

Made from different spices like jalapeño, black pepper, cumin, sweet chili sauce, paprika, black bean burger sauce is surely one of the mild to hot sauces out there, and they’re good for those with medium to high spice tolerance.


What is Black bean burger sauce made of?

Black bean burger sauce is made of many ingredients, starting with the spices; jalapeño chile, ground cumin, smoked paprika, sweet chili sauce, and hot sauce, along with other ingredients such as dried black beans, canola oil, garlic cloves, kosher salt, chopped fresh oregano, and mayonnaise.

What do you serve Black bean burger sauce with?

Black bean burger sauce is often served with the Black bean burger, but you can also try it out on other burgers—say the Big mac, or Big tasty for example, you can go with all sorts of burgers with this sauce.

How is Black bean burger sauce made?

Other cooking styles of Black bean burger sauce may vary, but Black bean burger sauce is typically made by cooking the beans, and adding the other ingredients into a food processor until cooked.

How many calories are in Black bean burger sauce?

There are a total of 102 calories per 100 gram serving of Black bean burger sauce.

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