Is Bistro Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Bistro sauce is a mayonnaise-based sauce filled with the right balance of tanginess, sweetness, and spice. It is an extremely delicious dip you can try with nuggets, fries, or almost anything! Bistro will not disappoint. Aside from these characteristics, it is also fairly easy to make as it requires common ingredients in the kitchen.

Is Bistro Sauce Spicy?

Bistro sauce has the perfect balance of a tangy, sweet and spicy flavor, making it a perfect dip for fries and alike.  That being said, given the mayonnaise base we would not consider Bistro sauce to be a spicy sauce.


What is Bistro sauce made of?

Bistro sauce is easy to make, as it only needs common kitchen ingredients you may already have. Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, parsley, garlic cloves, lemon juice, paprika, and horseradish.


How is Bistro sauce made?

As Bistro doesn’t require uncommon or rare ingredients, it also involves simple preparation, as all you need are the ingredients; mayonnaise, horseradish, ketchup, chopped parsley, fresh lemon juice, paprika, and minced garlic cloves. If you have all these ingredients, simply pour all the ingredients into a bowl and mix until a creamy texture appears, serve, and enjoy with your favorite food.


How many calories are in Bistro sauce?

There are 120 calories per serving of Bistro sauce. (19.85g)

What is Bistro sauce used for?

Bistro sauce can be used on a wide variety of foods. It is perfect for flavoring cooked vegetables or meats, it can be used as a spread on sandwiches and wraps, and of course, as a dip for french fries, nuggets, and even potato chips!

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