Is Billson’s Vodka Gluten Free?

According to their website, Billson’s vodka is gluten free! Billson’s does not contain any ingredients with gluten. The production facility handles a wide range of ingredients, including grain for beer, so there is a chance of trace amounts of gluten in any of the brand’s products.

Where does Billson’s vodka come from?

Made with the finest grain and yeast, this exceptional pure vodka is distilled in Beechworth at the painstaking rate of a single drop per second.

How is Billson’s vodka made?

The first batch is limited to 150 bottles, all of which are individually numbered. The triple distilled vodka is crafted using pure alpine spring water from Billson’s well in Beechworth. It has been perfectly blended with our classic sodas, all made from the finest local ingredients.

How is Billson’s vodka rated?

Reviews on say “Great service, great food, and love the improvements you have made. Highly recommend and will definitely come back whenever we are in the region.”

What are the ingredients in Billson’s vodka?

Billson’s vodka is made with the finest grain and select yeast.

Is Billson’s vodka organic?

Yes, Billson’s vodka is organic. It contains fine grain, thus making it an organic vodka.

How many calories are in Billson’s vodka?

Billson’s vodka contains 122 calories per serving.

How many carbs are in Billson’s vodka?

Billson’s vodka contains 0 carbs. Just like most vodkas with no carb content, Billson’s is no different.

Is Billson’s vodka vegan friendly?

Yes, Billson’s vodka is vegan friendly. It contains no meat or animal products during the process, so it is safe to conclude that Billson’s is indeed vegan.

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