Is Belvedere Vodka Gluten-Free?

Even if it is made from rye, the gluten present is dissolved during the distillation process. Yes, Belvedere vodka is gluten free.

Where does Belvedere vodka come from?

The Belvedere vodka is a brand of Polish rye vodka made in Zyrardów by a family of employees who distill Belvedere, named after Belweder, the Polish presidential palace in Warsaw.

How is Belvedere vodka made?

The procedure of the vodka is started by harvesting and simmering the rye to form a mash. It is then fermented and distilled at an agricultural distillery before undergoing distillation three additional times at the Belvedere distillery, which gives the unique taste and character of the spirit– a celebration of terroir, technique, and ingredients.

How is Belvedere vodka rated?

The reviews at rate Belvedere vodka with 4/5 stars. They quote “Belvedere is a smooth and subtly spicy vodka that’s as beautiful to drink as its bottle is to look at. The vodka’s mildly weighty palate is balanced with low-key sweetness, which leads to a well-integrated, grassy, and ultimately clean finish.”

What are the ingredients in Belvedere vodka?

The Belvedere vodka is built on a simple philosophy, Made with nature. It is made with natural polished rye and purified water. It contains zero additives, is certified kosher, and in addition to this, it is produced under the legal regulations of Polska vodka which states nothing can be added.

Is Belvedere vodka organic?

Made from organic polished rye, the Belvedere vodka is considered organic.

How many calories are in Belvedere vodka?

The Belvedere vodka contains 97 calories per serving, as it has a 40% ABV, converted to 80 proof.

How many carbs are in Belvedere vodka?

Belvedere vodka contains no carbs at all.

Is Belvedere vodka vegan friendly?

The Belvedere vodka is vegan-friendly! It contains no meat or animal products used during the making process, so it is a perfect drink for your healthy diet.

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