Is Beluga vodka gluten free?

Yes, Beluga Noble vodka is gluten free! Even if it is made from wheat, the gluten is dissolved in the distillation process.

Where does Beluga vodka come from?

Beluga Noble vodka was created by the Mariinsk distillery and was introduced in 2002. In the same year, the brand climaxed at the highest end of the vodka market. According to, the company has positioned the Beluga brand as a “Monumental Spirit.”

How is Beluga vodka made?

Water is vital in the production of Beluga Vodka, making up 60% of its unique formula. They pull from artesian water sources around 33m underground. Another component is a special malt spirit, which is rare in the modern vodkas, mainly due to the cost and labor-intensive program it requires. The filtration process involves a triple filtration through charcoal, impregnated silver, and sand (or quadruple for the Transatlantic, with cotton).

How is Beluga vodka rated? rated the Beluga Noble vodka with 4/5 stars. They quote, “Beluga Noble Vodka is a distinctive chemical-free vodka with true Siberian provenance. Its lightly sweet flavors of vanilla, oatmeal, and honey get spicier on the back palate, leading to a dry and bracing finish.”

What are the ingredients in Beluga vodka?

Beluga Noble vodka is made using artesian water sources 33m underground, honey for its distinct taste, and malt spirit (wheat).

Is Beluga vodka organic?

Beluga vodka is organic. It is made from malt spirit or malted wheat that gives a distinct wheat-flavor characteristic.

How many calories are in Beluga vodka?

Beluga vodka contains 97 calories.

How many carbs are in Beluga vodka?

There are 0.48g of net carbs per serving of Beluga vodka, making it acceptable for keto because of its low net carbs content.

Is Beluga vodka vegan friendly?

Beluga Noble Vodka is not vegan friendly as it contains honey.

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