Is Beattie’s Vodka Gluten Free?

Yes, the Beattie’s vodka is gluten free! It is confirmed by the company themselves, “From our fields to your glass. All our fine spirits are farm-crafted using only the soul of the potato for a silky-smooth spirit that is naturally gluten-free.”

Where does Beattie’s vodka come from?

Beattie’s vodka is made from a small craft distillery called Beattie’s Distillery found in Alliston, Ontario.

How is Beattie’s vodka made?

 The Beattie’s potato vodka is a smooth, delicious, small-batch, artisanal vodka. Made with Dakota Pearl and Russet potatoes direct from the Beattie Farm in Alliston, Ontario. It is distilled in small batches using a 42-plate Kothe Still by Master Distiller Greg LeBreton of Ontario.

How is Beattie’s vodka rated?

On, Beattie’s is rated 5 out of 5! It starts silky on the tongue, and slowly transitions to a subtle bouquet of buttery notes that fills the glass, followed by hints of white pepper, almond, and caramel. It culminates it all in a smooth finish, ideal for simply enjoying over ice or in a martini with a hint of vermouth. It’s no surprise why it is voted ‘World’s Best Vodka’ at the World’s Spirit Competition.

What are the ingredients in Beattie’s vodka?

Beattie’s potato vodka is made using Dakota pearl and Russet potatoes that comes directly from the Beattie farm in Alliston, Ontario.

Is Beattie’s vodka organic?

 Yes, Beattie’s vodka is organic. Beattie’s Distillers use Russet potatoes that are organically grown without using any harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

How many calories are in Beattie’s vodka?

 Beattie’s vodka contains 97 calories with 40% ABV/80 proof.

How many carbs are in Beattie’s vodka?

 Beattie’s vodka contains 0 carbs, making it a perfect vodka for your keto diet.

Is Beattie’s vodka vegan friendly?

 Yep! Beattie’s is vegan-friendly. It is made from Russet potatoes, so if you’re a fan of potatoes, Beattie’s is definitely worth a try.


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