Is Bare bone vodka gluten free?

Yes, Bare Bone vodka is gluten-free. It is naturally gluten-free as 100% of the gluten from the grains is removed in the distillation process.

Where does Bare bone vodka come from?

Bare Bone vodka is distilled in Houston, Texas. “The origin of Bare Bone Vodka actually lies in an outlandish bet I made with a group of friends,” laughs Justin McColgan, the founder of Bare Bone vodka. You can find Bare Bone vodka almost everywhere, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Missouri.

How is Bare bone vodka made?

Built with the finest American wheat and corn. Hand blended in small with locally sourced triple distilled water. The corn is distilled six times and the wheat three. And then the final touch, a triple charcoal filtration, for an enhanced smooth finish.

How is Bare bone vodka rated?

According to, the Bare bone vodka is given a total of 89 points. “Look for a slight citrus tinge in the aroma. The palate hints at vanilla and coconut, plus a charcoal tinge, landing softly with a white pepper accent. A head start for sweeter-style drinks”

What are the ingredients in Bare bone vodka?

While most other vodkas use only a single ingredient in distillation, Bare Bone Vodka, on the other hand, inspired by bourbon, created a unique, two-grain mash bill of Texas-bred corn and wheat. It is handcrafted and distilled in Texas, this singular vodka is finished using a triple charcoal filtration that results in an enhanced smoothness characteristic.

Is Bare bone vodka organic?

Yes, Bare bone vodka is organic. It is made from fine, Texas grown corn and wheat.

How many calories are in Bare bone vodka?

Having 80 proof, the Bare bone vodka contains 97 calories.

How many carbs are in Bare bone vodka?

Bare bone vodka contains 0 carbs.

Is Bare bone vodka vegan friendly?

Yes! Bare bone vodka is made from two grain mash bill of Texas grown corn and wheat, making it a vegan-friendly vodka.

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