Is Arktika Vodka Gluten-Free?

Despite being made from fine wheat, the gluten dissipates throughout the distillation process. Yes, Arktika vodka is gluten-free!

Where does Arktika vodka come from?

The Arktika vodka is a traditional Russian-style vodka made from the finest wheat grain that is grown in the fields of south-eastern Australia, specifically Melbourne.

How is Arktika vodka made?

Distilled, charcoal and cold filtered three times, that is what brings such clarity, balance, flavor, and smoothness that makes it stand out from other vodkas. The wheat used to make these are the finest grain that is harvested from the rich soil of southeastern Australia.

How is Arktika vodka rated?

Aside from being the winner of the ‘Vodka of the Year’ at the 2018 China Wine & Spirits Awards, the reviews on give the Arktika vodka a solid 5/5. Buyers say that there is a “perfect touch of salty, sweetness, and warmth.” The ratings also state that “it is a great value for money, very affordable but amazing quality.”

What are the ingredients in Arktika vodka?

Arktika vodkas are made with no added sugar, fine wheat, yeast, enzymes, and water, which sums up its smooth and pristine clear description.

Is Arktika vodka organic?

The finer the grain, the more organic matter present. Arktika vodka contains the finest wheat from Australia, making it an organic vodka indeed.

How many calories are in Arktika vodka?

Arktika vodka contains 0 calories!

Is Arktika vodka vegan-friendly?

Arktika vodka is considered vegan-friendly due to no animal products present in the ingredients or the procedure.

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