Is Aristocrat Vodka Gluten-Free?

Aristocrat vodka is gluten-free! As stated by ASCC CEO Robert Federowicz “Aristocrat’s potato-based vodka will be one of the very few gluten-free vodkas on the market,” Aristocrat vodka’s potato-based property makes it different from other gluten-free vodkas as it does not use wheat, barley or rye as its main ingredient.

Where does Aristocrat vodka come from?

The Aristocrat vodka is manufactured and produced in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Heaven Hill Distilleries. The Heaven Hill Distilleries is a private, family-owned distillery founded in 1935.

How is Aristocrat vodka made?

This traditional vodka is made from the finest grains, distilled and filtered multiple times, giving it a pure, clear spirit that mixes well with beverages such as sodas and juices.

How is Aristocrat vodka rated?

The said vodka has quite a low rating of 3/5 stars, due to its cheap price. Buyers state that the vodka’s price is worse than rubbing alcohol because of “the 6 dollar tag”. Others say that it has a strong smell, “solvent like taste on the tongue”, and a bitter aftertaste.

What are the ingredients in Aristocrat vodka?

It contains potatoes, fine grain, and a 100% neutral spirit.

Is Aristocrat vodka organic?

Fine grains contain more organic matter, and Aristocrat vodka is made from the finest grains. Yes, the Aristocrat vodka is organic.

How many calories are in Aristocrat vodka?

There are 97 calories per serving of the Aristocrat vodka.

Is Aristocrat vodka vegan-friendly?

Since Aristocrat vodka has no signs of animal or meat products, it is vegan friendly.

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