Is Archie Rose Vodka Gluten-Free?

Yes, the Archie rose vodka is gluten-free. The Coeliac Society of Australia states that “All alcohol is gluten-free with the exception of beer.” The gluten is also dissolved during the distillation process, thus making it gluten-free!

Where does Archie rose vodka come from?

The Archie rose vodka is from the Archie rose distillers, founded by William Edwards in 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

How is Archie rose vodka made?

The distillers start from the usual base ingredient of every vodka: neutral spirit. The spirit is cut with water, it is then distilled and filtered six times to ensure the smooth complexity of the vodka, and to give it a hint of a salty flavor that makes it unparalleled compared to other vodkas.

How is Archie rose vodka rated?

Archie Rose is given a 4.4/5 by buyers from Others say that “It has a sophisticated aftertaste, and it is smooth and complex.”

What are the ingredients in Archie rose vodka?

With no added sugar, it contains a neutral spirit, embedded with the finest wheat from Australia’s rich soil which gives the Archie rose vodka its distinctive smoothness and flavor.

Is Archie rose vodka organic?

Yes! The Archie rose vodka is in fact, organic. The finest wheat from Australia is used in producing it, making it an organic vodka.

How many calories are in Archie rose vodka?

Archie rose vodka contains 96 calories. Their website at says that “Vodka is considered a lower-calorie option when compared to wine or beer. The more concentrated your vodka, the more calories it contains. For 45ml of vodka, you’re looking at approximately 96 calories (401kJ).”

Is Archie rose vodka vegan friendly?

We may consider Archie rose vodka vegan friendly due to the absence of using any animal or meat products along with the procedure

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