Is Amatriciana Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Amatriciana sauce, known as Sugo all’amatriciana, alla matriciana, or salsa all’amatriciana, is a classic, traditional Italian sauce that is based on cured pork cheek (guanciale), pecorino romano cheese, and tomato. Some Amatriciana sauce variations use onion, too. Amatriciana is derived from both the name of an amazing pasta sauce, based on guanciale, pecorino romano, tomato sauce, and chili pepper, but also the adjective related to the village of Amatrice.

Is Amatriciana Sauce Spicy?

Amatriciana sauce is a spicy tomato-based sauce. It is made using guanciale, pecorino cheese, tomato, and chili pepper so pending how much chili pepper you use it certainly can be spicy!  You can also opt to exclude that ingredient to ensure it isn’t spicy.

What is Amatriciana sauce made of?

Amatriciana sauce is made using tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, guanciale, Kosher salt, onion, and pecorino romano cheese.

What is the difference between Arrabiata and Amatriciana?

Arrabiata and Amatriciana sauce are both tomato-based spicy sauces. Though with similarities come differences, too. Arrabiata is vegetarian as it does not contain guanciale (cured pork cheek) unlike Amatriciana. Arrabiata contains garlic and parsley, meanwhile, Amatriciana does not.

What is a substitute for guanciale in Amatriciana?

There are a few best match substitutes for guanciale if you don’t have them for Amatriciana. These include pancetta, bacon, lardo, pork jowl, and salt pork. All are great options, but pancetta comes closest.

What is Amatriciana seasoning?

Amatriciana seasoning is different from Amatriciana sauce. The seasoning is made using parsley, black pepper, crushed chili, oregano, basil, thyme, marjoram, sage, and bay, while the sauce is made using guanciale, cheese, tomato, and chili powder.

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