Is Amai Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Amai sauce is a Japanese, sweet and sour sauce. The delicious flavor makes it not only suitable but perfect for loads of dishes! Amai sauce can be served as a drizzle for noodle bowls or used as a dipping sauce.

Is Amai Sauce Spicy?

The word “amai” in Japanese translates to “sweet”. Amai sauce is not spicy. It is a rich, sweet and sour Japanese sauce.

What is Amai sauce made of?

Amai sauce (Wagamama style) is made with malt vinegar, sugar, light and dark soy sauce, salt, tamarind paste, and ketchup to add balance to the sweet and sour flavor.

What meals use Amai sauce?

Wagamama’s Amai Udon – Amai sauce can also be used as a drizzle for noodles! Wagamama’s Amai Udon is the perfect example. To make this, firstly craft Amai sauce using malt vinegar, sugar, light and dark soy sauce, tamarind paste, ketchup, and a pinch of salt, and serve with the udon.

Basa Katsu with Amai Sauce and Apple Slaw – Panko breadcrumbs give these basa fillets an irresistible crispy coating. They are served drizzled with Japanese-style sweet (Amai) sauce, sticky rice, and zingy apple slaw. [source] These are made using basa fillets, white long-grain rice, panko breadcrumbs, carrot, fresh root ginger, soy sauce, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, spring onion, British free-range egg, and an apple.

Wagamama Chicken Escalope with Amai sauce – this recipe includes rice, chicken escalope, Amai sauce, and other side ingredients you can add to your liking. It is made using basmati rice, chicken breast, plain flour, eggs, panko breadcrumbs, vegetable oil, ketchup, honey, vinegar, lime, and soy sauce. Carrots, peas, or sweetcorn are optional.

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