Is Alberta Pure Vodka Gluten-Free?

Alberta Distillers’ Alberta Pure Vodka was crowned the best Canadian vodka at the 2021 World Vodka Awards. And like all non-flavored vodkas, Alberta pure vodka is no different, it is gluten-free!

Where does Alberta pure vodka come from?

The Alberta Pure vodka was established by Canadian philanthropists Frank McMahon and Max Bell in 1946. The Alberta Distillers are seen through branches in other places such as Tofino, British Columbia, Alberta, and St. John’s, Newfoundland.

How is Alberta pure vodka made?

Alberta pure vodka is made with constant quality tests, and such is the procedure; Wheat that has been crushed into fine pieces using a hammer mill is cooked. To turn the wheat mixture into alcohol, enzymes are added along with a proprietary yeast strain. The mash is fermented between 9% and 12% alcohol, then is loaded into a beer still. It is then passed through a special padded filter.

How is Alberta pure vodka rated?

Buyers from say that Alberta pure vodka is a solid 4.6/5 stars! If you have or have had liver problems in the past, it surely won’t agitate the liver, according to reviews.

What are the ingredients in Alberta pure vodka?

The Alberta pure vodka is the third most consumed vodka in Canada, its smooth, pure, and clear characteristics are forged by being distilled thrice and made with pure glacier-born Rocky Mountain water and Canadian Prairie grain.

Is Alberta pure vodka organic?

Because of its distinctive purity and clarity, yes, it is organic!

How many calories are in Alberta pure vodka?

In a serving of Alberta pure vodka, it contains 96 calories.

Is Alberta pure vodka vegan friendly?

Having no presence of meat in Alberta pure vodka, it is safe to say that it is vegan friendly.

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