Is Aji Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Aji sauce is a Peruvian hot sauce. It has a rich and thick texture, and a color similar to matcha. It works well with roasted or grilled vegetables, chicken, and even as a spread for sandwiches. There are loads of recipes you can try out with aji sauce. Though they are not much used in meals, they can be used as a dip, spread, or dressing for any type of food.

Is Aji Sauce Spicy?

Yes, aji sauce is spicy and tangy with a rich, fresh flavor. This sauce adds life to the basic foods and makes them simply irresistible to indulge in. Wasabi and aji share the same appearance, but aji has less heat than wasabi.

What is aji sauce made of?

Aji sauce is made up of fresh cilantro, aji Amarillo, huacatay, and cheese that all come along to form a creamy and spicy sauce.

What meals use aji sauce?

Aji sauce is used in a wide variety of choices; you can use it for tacos, rice and beans, scrambled or fried eggs, as a spread for a sandwich, grilled or roasted vegetables, as a dip for sweet potato fries, or just fries in general, or even as dressing for salads. Other than this, it can also be served on a barbecue spread.

Aji Amarillo dipping sauce– this recipe is perfect for dipping fries and other foods alike.

Creamy aji Verde sauce– the classic recipe for aji sauce. To make this, all you need is cilantro, jalapeño, parmesan, lime juice, and mayo—if you please.

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