Is Agave Sauce Spicy? (Spice Level Revealed)

Agave sauce is a natural sweetener generally used as a substitute for sugar in baking or cooking. It comes from several different species of the agave plant and it is most commonly known to be used in mescal and tequila.

Is Agave Sauce Spicy?

Agave sauce is not spicy, since it is most commonly used as a sweetener or a sugar substitute. Though there are spicy versions of the agave sauce, such as the spicy agave hot sauce, agave bbq sauce, and tabañero agave sweet & spicy hot sauce, which are surely spicy indeed.

What is agave sauce made of?

Agave sauce may not come from what you’re thinking, rather, it is made from the fluid coming from the inside of the blue agave plant. The agave plant is a succulent species native to the hot regions in America.

What meals use agave sauce?

Agave sauce is perfect for sweet and spicy recipes, or just dishes with sweetness in general.

Agave chipotle glazed wings– these are sweet with a good Midwestern level of spice. These juicy, tender, crispy wings deliver a rich and sharp flavor.

Vegan fried chicken with hot agave– for vegans longing for fried chicken, this is a healthier version of the regular dish. It uses herbs like oregano, smoked paprika, kosher salt, and several spices.

Honey agave chicken with rice– chicken and rice is a great meal combination, and it is an easy way to get the Asian-inspired dish you’re aiming for.

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