20 Delicious and Underrated: Exploring the Best Italian Snacks

When it comes to Italian cuisine, people often think of delicious pasta, pizza, and gelato. However, Italian snacks are equally delicious and often overlooked.

20 of the best Italian snacks that you should try.


Arancini, also known as Sicilian rice balls, are a popular snack in Italy. These crispy and savory snacks are made of rice, cheese, tomato sauce, and sometimes meat. They are typically deep-fried and can be found in many Italian restaurants and cafes.


Bruschetta is a simple Italian appetizer that consists of toasted bread, rubbed with garlic and topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil. It is a perfect snack for warm summer days and pairs well with a glass of chilled white wine.


Panini is a type of Italian sandwich that is made with ciabatta bread and typically filled with cured meats, cheese, and vegetables. They are often grilled or pressed, which gives them a crispy texture and warm, melty filling.


Focaccia is a type of Italian flatbread that is similar to pizza dough. It is typically topped with olive oil, salt, and herbs like rosemary or thyme. Focaccia is a popular snack in Italy and is often eaten on its own or served as a side dish.


Taralli are small, crunchy, and savory biscuits that are popular in southern Italy. They are made of flour, water, and olive oil and are often flavored with fennel seeds, black pepper, or chili flakes. They are a perfect snack to enjoy with a glass of red wine.


Crostini is a type of Italian appetizer that consists of small slices of bread topped with a variety of toppings, such as cheese, cured meats, vegetables, and spreads like pesto or tomato sauce. It is a perfect snack for a party or gathering.


Grissini, also known as breadsticks, are thin and crispy sticks made of bread dough. They are often flavored with sesame seeds, garlic, or rosemary and are a popular snack in Italy. They are often served with cheese or dips like hummus or tzatziki.

Supplì al telefono

These are deep-fried rice balls that are similar to arancini but are usually smaller and oblong in shape. Supplì al telefono is filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and sometimes ground beef or vegetables.

Olive Ascolane 

This is a popular street food in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. It consists of large, meat-stuffed green olives that are coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried until crispy.


These are Sicilian fritters made of chickpea flour, water, and salt. They are typically cut into small pieces, fried until crispy, and served as a snack or appetizer.

Taralli Dolci

This is a sweet version of the savory taralli biscuit mentioned earlier. These are often flavored with anise or lemon and make a great dessert or snack.

Ciambelline al vino

These are small, ring-shaped cookies made with flour, sugar, olive oil, and red wine. They are often flavored with citrus zest or anise and make a great accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea.


A traditional snack from Tuscany, brigidini are thin, crispy wafers made from flour, sugar, anise, and olive oil. They are often served with a scoop of gelato or a cup of coffee.


These are small, sweet fritters made with flour, yeast, sugar, and eggs. They can be filled with raisins, chocolate chips, or other small ingredients and are typically dusted with powdered sugar.


These are shell-shaped pastries from Campania, made with multiple layers of thin pastry dough and filled with a sweet ricotta cheese mixture. They have a flaky, crunchy texture and a deliciously creamy filling.

Polenta e Osei 

This is a traditional dessert from Lombardy, made with a sweet polenta cake topped with marzipan birds. The birds are often decorated with colorful icing and are meant to represent the birds that once nested in Lombardy’s rice fields.


This is a simple Italian tart made with a sweet pastry crust and filled with fruit jam or fresh fruit. It’s a great snack to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee, and can be made in a variety of flavors depending on your taste preferences.


These are deep-fried doughnuts that are popular in southern Italy. They are often served with powdered sugar, honey, or chocolate sauce and can be filled with cream, jam, or Nutella.

Crocchette di patate 

These are small, crispy potato croquettes that are typically filled with cheese or meat. They are a popular street food in Italy and are often served with a spicy tomato sauce or aioli.


These are crispy pastry tubes that are filled with a sweet ricotta cheese filling. They are often dipped in chocolate chips or chopped pistachios and are a beloved Italian dessert.


Italian cuisine is famous for its delicious pasta, pizza, and gelato, but Italian snacks are equally delicious and worth exploring. From arancini to grissini, these snacks are a perfect way to experience the flavors of Italy.

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